The ministère du Conseil exécutif is headed by the Secretary General and Clerk of the Conseil exécutif. In addition to his or her responsibility for Ministry operations, the Secretary General is the government’s highest-level public servant, and all government deputy ministers therefore report to him or her. The Secretary General is assisted by the administrative units.

The Ministère du Conseil exécutif is a central governmental organization within Québec. It assists the Premier and the Conseil des ministres in their duties. The Ministry carries out specific and unique functions relating to the governance of the public administration. It plays an essential role in coordinating government action and in implementing the priorities set by the government.

On a day-to-day basis, the Ministry provides strategic advice and high-level expertise on legislation, priorities and strategic plans. It also coordinates government activities and communications and advises the government on appointments to senior positions.

The Ministry is also responsible for certain specific mandates assigned to it by the government, namely Aboriginal affairs, youth, Canadian relations, relations with English-speaking Quebecers, access to information and reform of democratic institutions.

More than one thousand women and men work there with a concern to ensure the smooth operation of government in Québec, while respecting the values of the Ministry, which are integrity, transparency, excellence, thoroughness, innovation and pride. They thereby contribute to achieving the ultimate goal of government action, namely to provide high-quality services to the population. The Clerk is also responsible for conserving the oaths of members of the Conseil des ministres, their declarations of interest and the instructions of the Premier.

Yves Ouellet

Secretary General and Clerk of the Conseil exécutif


The Secretary General of the Conseil exécutif is also its Clerk. He or she is responsible for the Greffe, which processes draft orders-in-council that must be adopted by the Conseil des ministres. The Clerk also gives advice on draft orders-in-council and on draft regulations, and is the conservator of these documents.

As adviser, the Clerk of the Conseil exécutif ensures that draft orders-in-council and draft regulations comply with the laws and regulations in effect. He or se submits them to the government after coordinating their analysis, where required, and ensuring that they are properly drafted. Such coordination requires above all the cooperation of the standing ministerial committees of the Conseil exécutif and their secretariats, as well as that of the Conseil du trésor, the Ministère des Finances and the Ministère de la Justice. The Clerk of the Conseil exécutif also oversees the distribution and publication of orders-in-council and regulations in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

As the depository of orders-in-council and the official responsible for their custody for fifteen years, the Clerk must take the measures necessary for their conservation.