The Comité ministériel de l’économie et de l’environnement (CMEE) is a permanent ministerial committee. It has a mandate to make recommendations to Cabinet concerning in the realms of local and regional economic development and land occupancy, job creation and productivity, municipal affairs, finance, tourism development, sustainable development, environmental protection, forests, marketing and exporting, international relations and La Francophonie, energy and natural resources, wildlife and parks, agriculture, fisheries and food, transportation, regulatory and administrative streamlining, and innovation and technology.

To fulfil its mandate, the CMEE receives support from the Secretariat of the Comité ministériel de l’économie et de l’environnement, which provides its members with multisectoral information that the questions submitted to them require. More specifically, the Secretariat offers strategic support to the members of the CMEE through the production of advisory opinions and analyses with recommendations. To this end, the Secretariat :

  • ensures that all of the government departments concerned by decision-making questions are consulted;
  • ensures links with the government departments concerned in order to propose concerted initiatives and solutions that conform to government policy directions;
  • provides logistical support (technical and administrative) through the organization of committee meetings and by ensuring that the committee’s deliberations proceed smoothly.

The role of the Secrétariat du comité ministériel de l’économie et de l’environnement thus supports the government’s decision-making process.