The Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie has a remit to support sustainable economic growth in Québec, contribute to the rapid development of research and innovation, and ensure responsible governance of energy resources.

To carry out its mission, the MEIE is responsible for:

  • supporting business projects, including  digital transformation, access to public procurement, research, innovation, productivity growth, increased Québec production, and buying locally;
  • administering the funds allocated to it, in consultation with recognized bodies, to ensure the execution of economic and energy development projects;
  • supporting local energy production and ensuring a dependable, diversified, safe, affordable energy supply for Québec;
  • supporting the development of collective entrepreneurship (cooperatives and social economy enterprises) and entrepreneurs (business creation, development, and transfers);
  • supporting the development of economic sectors in all regions of Québec;
  • designing and implementing, in collaboration with the government departments and bodies concerned, economic and energy development strategies, and assistance programs;
  • coordinating activities to end hydrocarbon exploration and production in Québec’s territory;
  • coordinating government intervention to support the realization of major investment projects;
  • coordinating government regulatory streamlining measures and regulatory cooperation with other Canadian jurisdictions;
  • issuing attestations and certificates relating to the tax credits and tax holidays under its responsibility and the administration of legislation;
  • elaborating government targets and policy directions  of energy production in all industries;
  • elaborating positions and defending Québec’s interests in the context of the negotiation or implementation of trade agreements and defending Québec’s interests and those of Québec firms in trade disputes;
  • promoting research, science, innovation, and technology to contribute to the development of support for a scientific and innovation culture in businesses;
  • supporting in the education sector and research organizations the establishment of conditions favorable to research, knowledge transfers, and the commercialization of the results of such research.