With the launching of the QRIS, the government is adopting the means to ensure that by 2030 Québec becomes one of the most innovative, creative societies in the world.

All told, more than 30 measures and seven inspiring projects will meet the challenges that Québec is facing and will enhance the well-being of our society.


  • Total investments and budgetary costs stand at $2.8 billion.
  • Some $585 million will be allocated to the implementation of measures specific to the QRIS.
  • All told, seven flagship projects will be carried out over the next five years to broaden Québec know-how in the realm of research and innovation.
  • The vision, dubbed #OSERINNOVER, hinges on three components in respect of which the government has already announced its strategies or will do so shortly:
    • the innovative manufacturing sector;
    • exporting;
    • entrepreneurship.

Easier access to funding

Starting in 2018–2019, the Innovation Program will cover the entire innovation chain, from research and development through to commercialization. It will encompass most existing programs for businesses.

Ambitious goals

  • By 2022, position Québec among the top 10 research and innovation leadersin the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • By 2030, make Québec one of the world’s most forward-looking societies, with a reputation as an incubator of talent, ideas, and innovation and a creator of solutions to major societal challenges.

Taking bold action, three main objectives

  1. Talent, skills, and renewal
    • Improve citizens and institutions’ capacity for evidence-based decision making.
    • Foster enthusiasm for science and innovation.
    • Promote skills and talent and optimize their integration into society.
  2. Research and innovation in all forms
    • Support researchers and innovators to ensure the cross-fertilization of ideas.
    • Invest in collaborative research and innovative projects.
    • Ensure access to and funding of competitive infrastructure.
  3. Transfer and commercialization
    • Boost the innovation commercialization ecosystem.
    • Promote the development and growth of innovative businesses through early adoption and integration of innovations.
    • Support innovation commercialization initiatives.
    • Maximize the transfer and benefits of social and technological innovation.

Deployment of the Strategy

The Strategy’s deployment and ultimate success will depend in large part on effective coordination of these diverse initiatives and the full collaboration of partners.

Extensive consultations

The consultation process that produced the Québec Research and Innovation Strategy tapped into this richness and diversity through regional issues tables, public consultations, codevelopment workshops, an advisory committee, and an interministerial committee.