Using our ingenuity to promote health

The life sciences industry in Québec

  • Nearly 715 companies employing over 36,930 people and supporting almost as many jobs in public research centres and various related service companies.
  • Nearly 30,000 students enrolled in life sciences programs in colleges and universities, producing 7,600 graduates per year.
  • Shipments totalling $5.7 billion in 2020, which make up 3.7% of all manufacturing shipments.

A strategy to...

  • Stimulate private investment in the entire life sciences value chain
  • Develop new industrial sectors in future niches
  • Increase the presence of Québec companies in the local and international supply chains

Major financial support for the life sciences industry

  • A financial framework of $211 million, including new contributions of $110 million
  • $569 million in funding to support an estimated $2 billion in direct investment

Ten measures grouped into five strategic priorities

1. Generate synergies to address major health challenges  

  • Leverage expertise to accelerate innovation
  • Innovate through the use of health information

2. Develop human capital and attract talent

  • Attract new life sciences talent
  • Develop a workforce specifically trained to meet industry needs

3. Support the creation and growth of innovative businesses

  • Strengthen the infrastructure and support available
  • Ensure the continuity of the funding chain

4. Attract and execute investment projects

  • Strengthen Québec’s industrial capacity
  • Promote the strength and success of the Québec ecosystem internationally

5. Spur the commercialization of innovations        

  • Support the commercialization of innovations in the Québec market
  • Help Québec companies in their export and internationalization projects