The Québec aerospace industry possesses a world-class ecosystem

Some 230 companies that offer 36 000 high-quality jobs and whose sales totalled $15.8 billion in 2020 make aerospace a strategic economic sector in Québec.

On international markets, the Québec aerospace industry has been noteworthy for several decades for its ability to design and manufacture new products in such varied niches as the business, regional, and commercial aviation sectors, helicopters, propulsion and simulation, and the space sector.

The industry’s strength hinges on the presence of numerous prime contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and specialized subcontractors. It forms a genuine, world-class ecosystem whose members have established close ties through the completion of major projects.

A strategy to support a linchpin of the Québec economy

The Québec Aerospace Strategy Horizon 2026 in brief:

  • significant financial support, which was enhanced from 2021-2022 to 2023-2024;
  • a $334-million financial framework, including additional appropriations of $95 million announced in Budget 2021-2022, of which more than $70 million was earmarked for research and innovation;
  • initiatives totalling $789 million to support investments estimated at nearly $2.8 billion.

Three strategic priorities

The Québec Aerospace Strategy Horizon 2026 comprises three strategic priorities encompassing eight measures. It seeks to promote the revival of the Québec aerospace industry, bolster its resilience, ensure its long-term growth, and steer the entire array of value chains toward key markets.

First strategic priority – Shape the future of aerospace through innovation

  • Design next-generation aircraft and space technologies in Québec
  • Shape and commercialize Québec innovations
  • Drive Québec innovation in international markets

Second strategic priority – Diversify the industry

  • Attract key companies and support large-scale projects of strategic importance
  • Promote and strengthen the security and defence sectors
  • Develop the unmanned aircraft systems and space technology sectors

Third strategic priority – Strengthen value chains and boost their international growth

  • Improve business performance
  • Prepare tomorrow’s workforce

Unprecedented mobilization

In response to the global air transport crisis, the Québec government announced in the summer of 2020 a consultative approach to examine the observations, ideas, and vision for the future of industry stakeholders.

Nearly 30 meetings were held with industry representatives from businesses, the unions, the higher education and science sectors, and government departments and bodies. The entire array of stakeholders formulated more than 90 recommendations in the 24 briefs and documents submitted.