The Ministère de l’Éducation’s mission and the ideal it pursues can be summed up as follows: educational success for all in a physically active society:

To offer, throughout Québec, living environments that are conducive to educational success and to regular participation in physical, recreational, sports and outdoor activities—living environments that are inclusive, healthy and respectful of people’s needs and circumstances.


The shared vision of the Ministère de l’Éducation and the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur is a response to educational, social, cultural, demographic and technological issues facing the education system and the sports and recreation sector. This vision, which is firmly focused on achieving results, is geared toward success and excellence.

An inclusive education system that helps people succeed throughout their lives, an education system backed by the commitment of its partners and stakeholders, that produces responsible, competent, creative and committed citizens who are prepared for the digital world and fully engaged in a society where people of all ages regularly participate in physical, recreational and sports activities in a safe manner.


The following values support the ideals we would like to attain for the benefit of individuals, communities and Québec society as a whole. They underlie the Ministères’ mission and vision as well as the orientations of their strategic plans.

  • Personal and social values:
    Inclusion, openness to diversity both of people and their needs, perseverance and the desire to excel
  • Values inherent in the Québec education system:
    Universality, accessibility, equity and equal opportunity
  • Values in Québec public administration:
    Competency, loyalty, impartiality, integrity and respect
  • Values relating to ministerial action:
    Transparency, citizen participation, community involvement and the mobilization of the stakeholders and partners from various sectors of society, as well as ministerial leadership.

Our main services

The Ministère de l’Éducation offers the following services directly to Québec citizens:

General information Services

General information on the entire range of services provided by both Ministères in the areas of education, sports and recreation, and on all of its client groups.


  • Requests for certificates of eligibility for instruction in English
  • Issuing of proofs of studies at the secondary level
  • Requests for teaching licences

Sports and recreation

  • Financial and professional support for sports and recreation in community organizations
  • Promotion of sports, recreation and a physically active lifestyle, and their positive effects on the population as a whole
  • Interventions in the area of security and safety with providers and users of sports and recreational services

Commitment to quality services

Since an ongoing concern for quality is a key principle motivating the staff of both Ministères as they carry out their duties, special attention is devoted to all those who make a service request. Offering quality services that meet the needs of Québec’s citizens is a constant concern of both Ministères, and this is why they are proud to make a commitment to serve its citizens well.

When you request a service from the Ministère, in person or by some other means, the Ministère undertakes to:

  • serve you in a polite and respectful manner
  • ensure that your personal information is treated confidentially
  • process your request in an equitable, impartial and transparent manner
  • communicate with you in clear language
  • help you to complete any necessary forms, or to make a request
  • send you a prompt acknowledgment of receipt of any requests you made online
  • redirect you to the appropriate authority if the Ministère is not responsible for the service in question

Commitment to accessible services

To ensure that you have ready access to all of its services, the Ministère undertakes to:

  • offer you services from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on statutory holidays
  • provide you with access to toll-free telephone lines for the full range of services
  • provide you with up-to-date information on its website
  • provide you with access to online services
  • provide you with access to an Indigenous Affairs advisor who can answer your requests for information pertaining to the education of First Nations and Inuit students
  • provide you with adapted documents and services for people with disabilities, particularly in the provision of accommodation measures
  • ensure that its website is accessible to people with disabilities
  • ensure that its offices are accessible to people with disabilities

Commitment to handle service requests within specific time periods

The Ministère de l’Éducation undertakes to diligently follow up all the service requests it receives and to process them within specific time periods, once it has all the necessary information. These periods are calculated in working days, Monday to Friday, exclusive of statutory holidays and the time required for postal delivery services.

Services offered

Waiting periods


General information



Providing answers to general information requests submitted in writing

10 days

Requests that do not concern general information will promptly be passed on to the sector concerned. Requests that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the Ministère will be redirected to the appropriate authority.

Providing answers to general information requests made by telephone

5 days


Certificates of eligibility for instruction in English



Responding to applications for a certificate of eligibility for instruction in English, for the current school year

10 days


Responding to applications for a certificate of eligibility for instruction in English, for the following school year

20 days


Proof of secondary school studies



Issuing statements of marks, achievements records, diplomas or attestations

Same day

Requests made in person.


10 days

In response to requests for reprints of official documents, the Ministèreissues a duplicate original.

Confirming the validity of a diploma issued by the Ministère

5 days

Written permission to issue the document must first be granted by the holder.

Teaching licences



Responding to applications for a teaching licence

60 days

This waiting period includes time for verification of the candidate’s judicial record.

Financial assistance for recreation and sports



Responding to grant applications for support programs in the area of sports

45 days





Studying your complaint

2 days

When complaints do not concern the Ministère, citizens are redirected to the competent authorities.

Responding to your complaint

20 days


Citizens’ responsibilities and recourses


In order for the Ministères to respect their commitments and to offer you the services to which you are entitled, they rely on you to provide complete and precise information, including all relevant documents pertaining to your request, and to do so in a timely manner. You also need to advise both Ministères of any changes of address without delay.


Lodging a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with a service you received, a program in which you participated or a decision made by the Ministères, you can file a complaint.

To file a complaint, please use the online form This hyperlink will open in a new window. or contact the Direction de l’accès à l’information and des plaintes.

If necessary, a staff member from the Ministère concerned will contact you to obtain further details. If they are unable to process your complaint within 20 working days, they will notify you in advance and indicate the date by which your complaint is likely to be processed.

Complaints pertaining to services provided by public and private educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, school boards) are not processed by the Ministères. If you are dissatisfied with a service you received from one of these organizations, you need to contact the organization directly.

For additional information, go to the Complaints page on the Ministère’s website.

Follow-up on commitments

The Ministère de l’Éducation conducts regular follow-up to ensure compliance with the commitments set out in its declaration of services. Each year, the Ministère publishes its findings in its annual management report (PDF 3.34 Mb) (in French only).

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