The mandate of the Advisory Board on English Education (ABEE) is to advise the Minister of Education on all matters affecting the educational services offered in English elementary and secondary schools and adult and vocational education centres. The Minister may also ask the Board for advice on a specific topic.

Composition of the Advisory Board

The Minister of Education names the members to the Advisory Board. The term of office is normally three years. Candidates are nominated by the various English education associations and organizations that represent, among others, teachers, parents, school and board administrators and commissioners, as well as individuals involved in post-secondary education. Nominations can be received at any time.

In August 2021, Minister Jean-François Roberge named Tino Bordonaro as Chair of the Advisory Board on English Education for a mandate of four years. Mr. Bordonaro succeeds Dr. Cathrine Le Maistre who had chaired the Board since 2007.

Mr. Bordonaro presently teaches at McGill University’s Faculty of Education and was formerly a pedagogical consultant and a school administrator.

Members 2023-2024


  • Tino Bordonaro

Ex-officio Member

  • Marie-Josée Blais
    Assistant Deputy Minister

Secretary to the Board

  • Lynn Travers


  • Lynn Butler-Kisber
    Université McGill
  • Noel Burke
    Professeur associé, Université McGill
  • Jodie Callaghan
    First Nations Regional Adult Education Centre
  • Odette Côté
    Collège Champlain Lennoxville
  • Michael Di Raddo
    Association provinciale des enseignant(e)s du Québec
  • Steven Erdelyi
    Académie Solomon Schecter
  • Colin Henderson
    CS Eastern Shores ou Eastern Shores School Board
  • Sabrina Jafralie
    CS English Montreal
  • Katherine Korakakis
    English Parents’ Committee Association
  • Kandy Mackey
    CS Eastern Townships
  • Marisa Mineiro
    CS English Montréal
  • Rosemary Murphy
    Québec Federation of Home and School Associations
  • Michael Murray
    Président, CS Eastern Townships
  • Sabrina Petrocco
    CS English Montréal



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