The purpose of the Week is to spotlight the quality of services provided in all childcare settings, along with their major contribution to childhood development and the important role they play in the lives of parents. It also represents an opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions made by those who work in this sector.

The Beginning of the Great Adventure

The Semaine Québécoise des services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance runs from May 29 to June 4, 2023, under the theme of “The Beginning of the Great Adventure”. This theme signifies that the childcare setting represents the point of departure for a determining step in a child’s life trajectory – an adventure that helps children grow, thrive, learn and discover the world with the support and guidance of staff members.

Promotional materials

The following promotional materials are available for advertising this themed Week (In French only):

Here are a few suggestions for activities:

  • Hold a discussion with the children about different ways to begin an adventure and to travel, either in real life or in their imagination! Use the colouring sheet for the Week (PDF 1.75 Mb);
  • Play the Seven Errors of the Week Game (PDF 1.74 Mb) - Answers to the Seven Errors Game (PDF 1.73 Mb) (In French only);
  • Play the game entitled “What do You Have in your Suitcase?”;
  • Contact a local library to prepare a package of books related to the theme of adventure;
  • Organize an archeological dig or a treasure hunt in a park or in the yard;
  • Go on an adventure with the children to explore the educational childcare community;
  • Display photographs of staff members taken during their first year as educational childcare workers – this will be the beginning of a great adventure for some!

Throughout the Week, actors and partners of the educational childcare network are encouraged to share photographs of their activities on social media, using the hashtags #jaimemonmilieuéducatif. Parents and members of the community can also share them on their own accounts.