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Ministère de la Justice

The Ministère de la Justice favours access to a system of justice that is close to citizens, trustworthy and honest, so that citizens are more easily able to exercise their rights.

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Simon Jolin-Barrette

Minister of Justice of Québec

Attorney General of Quebec

Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Protection of Personal Information

Minister Responsible for Laicity and Parliamentary Reform

Minister Responsible for the French Language

Minister Responsible for the Montérégie Region

Government House Leader

Member for Borduas

The organization and its commitments

The mission of Québec's Ministère de la Justice is to enhance citizen trust and respect for individual and collective rights in Québec by maintaining the accessibility and integrity of the justice system and upholding the rule of law.

To exercise leadership in the transformation of the justice system and make it more accessible and more responsive.

In implementing its mission and its vision, the MJ will rely on the values of the public administration, which include respect, integrity and equity:

  • respect for all the people it interacts with;
  • integrity in the performance of its duties;
  • equity in its interventions.


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Last update: September 19, 2020