The Forum virtuel sur la requalification de la main-d’œuvre et sur l’emploi was held on October 16, 2020. The Forum was conducted virtually, by invitation.

The goal of the Forum is to reach consensus on solutions that will not only be sustainable, but also adapted to the current and future labour market needs in order to identify the most innovative strategies to be implemented in response to the pandemic crisis. These strategies primarily target workforce requalification and skills upgrading.

Participation in the Forum

The Forum virtuel sur la requalification de la main-d’œuvre et sur l’emploi has been organized by the ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS), in collaboration with the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT).

This virtual event brought together the partners of the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity as well as those of several ministries and organizations. In total, nearly 225 guests joined together for the relaunch of Québec.


Québec has found itself in an unprecedented situation consisting of both:

  • a workforce shortage in some sectors of activity; and
  • a significant increase in the workforce in other sectors

The Forum virtuel sur la requalification de la main-d’œuvre et sur l’emploi provided  participants with a platform from which to examine the current and future challenges of relaunching the Québec labour market by proposing different means of accelerating workforce requalification and skills upgrading and at the same time maximizing the return to work of the greatest number of individuals. And, so that the most relevant means of accomplishing this may be implemented as quickly as possible, the Forum was also aimed at mobilizing the entire labour market network.

Topics addressed

Major challenges were given special attention:

  • The need for employers to recruit workers with the necessary qualifications, in sufficient numbers, to ensure the development and growth of their activities
  • The need for workers to develop their skills so that they may hold quality jobs that meet their needs and aspirations
  • The importance of developing the skills of the workforce, particularly in the field of new technology, in order to maintain Québec’s economic competitive edge (automation, digitalization, robotization)

As may be recalled, requalification and upgrading are defined as:

  • Requalification: consists in developing, on a voluntary basis, new skills making it possible to change trade,  profession or economic sector (e.g. training in machining for a person who was working in the food service sector and who wants to enter the manufacturing sector)
  • Upgrading: consists in improving existing skills, where the trade or profession is evolving or changing or new technology is introduced, or to fill a position internally (e.g. training in digital marketing for a person working in the retail trade, with a view to promotion)