You can contact the Citizen relations coordinator if you have a complaint in respect to any act done by the Ministry of public security. You can also make a request relative to the ministry’s mission.

The treatment of your complaint or your request will be made in accordance with the Directive on the treatment of complaints and requests from citizens.

Topics of complaints and requests

Your complaint may concern any event, any situation, any act or omission related to the programs and services offered by the Ministry and its staff. In addition, you can also report any incident, any omission or any other element relative to the ministry's mission.

If you have a disability, you can file a complaint about the measures implemented by the Ministry to give you access to services or information in accordance with the Action plan (in French) (PDF 1.35 Mb) regarding persons with disabilities.

However, the Ministry can't accept complaints or requests regarding the following cases:

How to file a complaint

You may file a complaint by phone or in writing to the following:

Citizen relations coordinator
Ministère de la Sécurité publique
2525, boulevard Laurier, 10e étage
Tour des Laurentides
Québec (Québec) G1V 2L2

Phone : 1 866 644-6826 
Fax : 418 643-0275

In order to facilitate the processing of your request, you must provide, if applicable:

  • complete description of the event;
  • date of the event;
  • name of the people involved;
  • steps that you have already taken to resolve this issue, including date, name of the people and organizations that you have contacted;
  • copy of all relevant documents;
  • complete contact information to reach you.

Processing time

Accordingly to the Service Statement to Citizens, we will send you an acknowledgment within 3 working days. You will get a written, clear and precise response within 20 working days. If this deadline can not be met, we will notify you and a new time limit will be indicated.