Publication date : 2001
Latest edition : 2021


Our mission is to provide Quebecers with a safe living environment that is conducive to society’s social and economic development by intervening, with our partners, in sectors such as:

  • correctional services;
  • civil protection and fire safety;
  • police affairs;
  • legal and medicolegal expertise.


The MSP offers services to Quebecers, including:

  • defendants and offenders (court-ordered custody);
  • crime victims or disaster victims;
  • businesses;
  • municipalities;
  • regional county municipalities (RCM).

Commitments to service quality

The MSP undertakes to offer Quebecers service that is:

  • respectful and courteous;
  • dependable and diligent;
  • fair;
  • accessible to everyone;
  • confidential.

The MSP also undertakes to:

  • provide clear information, including resources that enable Quebecers to assert their rights;
  • protect personal information.

Commitments to the organization's service strandards

The MSP commits itself to Quebecers with respect to the following services :

General information

The MSP provides general information on the programs and services that it offers.

Commitments respecting service standardsTargets
Ensure within two business days* follow-up to calls received on the general information telephone line100% of calls
Respond within 20 business days* to general information requests received by email or regular mail100% of responses

* Normal working days, i.e., from Monday to Friday.

Comments and complaints concerning programs and services

The MSP deals with comments or complaints from Quebecers who are dissatisfied with its services or the administration of programs under its responsibility. The process is conducted in keeping with the Politique ministérielle de gestion du traitement des commentaires et des plaintes.

Commitments respecting service standardsTargets
Respond in writing within 20 business days* to comments and complaints deemed admissible and founded100% of complaints
For more complex requests, inform the complainants within 20 business days* of the time limit within which we believe we can process the request100% of complaints informed

* Normal working days, i.e., from Monday to Friday. This time limit does not apply to the complaints procedure in prisons, nor to complaints submitted by offenders monitored in the community.

Information for crime victims

The MSP communicates certain information to crime victims in the manner stipulated in the Act respecting the Québec correctional system This hyperlink will open in a new window.

Accordingly, such individuals can submit a request to obtain information concerning their incarcerated assailant and make confidential written submissions concerning the assailant. To this end, a toll-free telephone number is available to victims and those who assist them: 1-866-909-8913.

Commitment respecting service standardsTargets
Respond within two business days* to voicemail messages left on the toll-free telephone line for crime victims*100% of calls

* Normal working days, i.e., from Monday to Friday.

Compensation and disaster financial assistance

Commitments respecting service standardsTarget

Establish initial contact within 10 days* of receipt of a financial assistance application

In the case of a temporary office established in the region where a disaster has occurred, the initial contact is the one conducted during the meeting with the analyst

100% of initial contacts

Conduct follow-up among the disaster victims every 45 days*, except under specific circumstances, e.g.,

legal recourse, the absence of permits, and so on
100% of the follow-up conducted
Make final payment within 90 days* of receipt of the requisite documents or the disaster victim’s confirmation that all the work has been completedFinal payment is made within the established time limit in 90% of cases

* Calendar days, i.e., all days of the week, including statutory holidays.

Responsibilities, recourse, and complaints

The MSP offers the possibility of lodging a complaint with respect to the behaviour of a staff member or the administration of a program under its responsibility. An acknowledgement of receipt is sent for each complaint received. All complaints are handled objectively and with integrity and impartiality.

Your collaboration is required to help us better serve you. We ask that you :

  • speak respectfully and courteously to MSP staff;
  • provide the information and documents necessary to deal with your complaint;
  • formulate comments and suggestions to enhance our services.

Contact information and hours of operation