Guy Lafleur 1951 - 2022
Guy Lafleur 1951 - 2022
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Book of Condolences for Guy Lafleur

« On behalf of the Québec nation, I offer my deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr. Guy Lafleur.

Guy Lafleur had a lasting impact on several generations through his athletic feats, kindness and generosity. We admired his rushes, winning goals and Stanley Cups. Seeing one of our own dominate the National Hockey League with such flair gave us great pride.

He was the idol of a people. He made us dream. He made us win.

All of Québec is in mourning. I invite Quebecers to join me in paying tribute to him and expressing our condolences to his loved ones.  »

François Legault, Premier of Québec

The period for offering your virtual condolences in the official register of the Government of Québec is now over.

Le Protocole of the Government du Québec thanks you for paying tribute to Mr. Guy Lafleur.