Québec’s commitments in respect of the climate

Given the urgency that is now compelling all nations to unite to confront the climate crisis, Québec has chosen to be active and to be part of the solution. That is why the government has committed itself to reducing by 37.5% by 2030 its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in relation to the 1990 level. Québec has also committed itself to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

To attain these targets, the government has launched the 2030 Plan for a Green Economy. This framework policy respecting electrification and the fight against climate change launched in November 2020 will contribute to the attainment of Québec’s goals. The plan will also help Québec society bolster its resilience to climate change while contributing to economic development.

The collaboration of society is essential if Québec is to successfully achieve the climate transition.

Last update: February 23, 2023


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