Support for consultation

This component is earmarked for nations and communities that plan to participate in the consultation and cooperation processes initiated by the Government of Québec. The objectives of this component are to

  • make it easier for the Government of Québec to fulfill its constitutional obligation to consult Indigenous communities
  • develop and maintain smooth relationships with Indigenous people in Québec.

Description of how funding can be used

To best meet the needs of Indigenous nations and communities, this component has been divided into two categories.

  • Funding for consultations – Category I
  • Funding for specific projects – Category II

To deal with the broad range of topics and many consultations initiated by the Government of Québec, the first category targets a financing approach based on creating consultation offices. The objective of such offices is to give communities specific resources for taking part in these government consultations. The amount

of the funding is determined by the SAA in cooperation with the relevant ministries, taking into account the amount of work expected for a given period. In this way, communities will have enough funds to acquire what they need to do the work.

The second category will target funding for specific projects designed to offer solutions to various challenges that the Indigenous nation or community and the Government of Québec may identify jointly. Such projects have significant requirements in terms of organization, cooperation, and consultation.

Communities are then given supplemental funds so they can acquire the additional resources they need to take part in the collaboration and discussions. Indigenous people will thus be able to benefit from the appropriate expertise when specific needs arise. This will only enhance their experience as participants.

General terms and conditions

Category I – Consultation

To apply under this category, nations or communities must have been invited by a ministry, government agency, or government corporation to participate in a consultation process as defined in the Interim Guide for Consulting the Indigenous Communities (Interim Guide). Indigenous nations and communities that submit a major project to enhance their participation in the consultations initiated by the Government of Québec can also apply under this category.

Category II - Specifics projects

To apply under this category, nations or communities must have been approached by the Government of Québec regarding a specific project that aims to offer solutions to a variety of challenges or problems identified jointly by the Indigenous community and the provincial government.

Eligible organizations

  • Indigenous communities and nations recognized by the Québec National Assembly
  • Organizations appointed by one or more Indigenous nations or communities to take part in consultations or specific projects

Eligible projects

To be eligible, projects must meet the objectives of this component, be submitted to the SAA no later than October 1, 2021, and be completed no later than March 31, 2022.

Category I - Consultation

  • The creation and operation of a consultation office allowing a nation or community to participate in all consultation processes initiated by the Government of Québec
  • Other activities carried out by a nation or community in order to achieve the objectives of the consultation processes initiated by the Government of Québec
  • Participation in certain consensus-building activities with partners in advance of the consultation process
  • Projects with a major impact Read the content of the note 1 on consultations and that enhance participation in the consultations initiated by the Government of Québec

Category II - Specifics projects

  • Activities to help a nation or community plan for and participate in a discussion process as part of a specific project to offer solutions to a variety of challenges or problems
  • Hiring a liaison officer for a specific project, in Indigenous communities, with the goal of establishing a positive relationship between Indigenous people, the Government of Québec, and local partners

Eligible costs

Eligible costs include

  • consultation office operating costs;
  • the cost of producing, preparing, drafting, or translating documents; and
  • all other reasonable costs that may arise for eligible projects, approved in advance by the SAA.

Eligible costs also include, up to the current regulatory rates set by the Government of Québec:

  • consulting fees,
  • travel costs,
  • costs incurred for meetings or assemblies, and
  • costs for participating in round tables with various partners.

Ineligible costs

  • Expenditures to erase an existing deficit and expenditures on the purchase and renovation of buildings and spaces
  • Purchases of land, equipment, and motorized vehicles
  • Compensation for permanent employees who manage or take part in a project when these employees already receive compensation (salary, fees, daily allowance) for the same period

Expenditures incurred to participate in consultations initiated by third parties and those incurred in negotiating or implementing partnership agreements with businesses.

Financial assistance

The amount of assistance granted will be determined based on the resources available to the SAA and on the following criteria:

  • Advice from the relevant ministries involved in the consultations
  • The expected amount of work
  • Similar agreements
  • The remoteness factor and the cost of living

Financial assistance is in the form of a non-repayable contribution. Financial assistance from the Government of Québec can cover up to 100% of eligible costs. All applicants must declare all confirmed and expected sources in their request for funds. The SAA will verify that no other sources are paying for the same expenses.

To prevent the same activities being paid for twice, the financial support granted under the consultation support component cannot be combined with financial support under the Program for the Sustainable Management of Forests managed by the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs.

No more than $5 million from the general consultation support budget can be used for financial assistance granted under Category II – Specific Projects.

Tracking and reporting

All grants formalized in a financial agreement, which must not exceed five government fiscal years, must include

  • the obligations of the signatories, and
  • a detailed description of the project.

Each applicant must provide at a minimum, an annual report in accordance with the provisions in the financial agreement. The document must include a full report of activities completed.

Reporting must include a financial report showing how the grant was used, along with supporting documents. The applicant must at all times keep separate accounts for project expenses, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

The agreement specifies the activities, payment conditions, and undertakings made by each party.

  • Footer note number 1
    The benefits of projects with a major impact include streamlining consultation between the Government of Québec and Indigenous nations or communities by developing their consultation capabilities. Back to the reference of the note 1

Last update: February 23, 2023


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