Innu (Montagnais)

The Innu Nation has close to 20,000 members. It is one of the most populous Indigenous nations of Québec. Seven of the nine Innu villages are located on the Côte-Nord, while the two others are in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and near Schefferville.

Each Innu community is unique in terms of geographic location, size and socioeconomic development. The primary economic activities of the Innu include stores, businesses, outfitting operations, hunting, traditional fishing and commercial fishing (salmon fisheries). Several organizations, such as the Institut Tshakapesh, the Shaputuan Museum and the Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh, also work to ensure the development and dissemination of Innu culture.

Last update: October 4, 2021


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