Blood and urine screening are offered free of charge to all newborns in Québec who are insured by Québec’s health insurance plan (RAMQ).

Babies born outside Québec and who are insured by the RAMQ can also have these screening tests free of charge. Their parents must, however, get a prescription for the tests from a doctor as soon as possible.

Voluntary participation

Although recommended, screening is voluntary.

If you have any questions about screening in general or if you are hesitant about having your baby undergo the tests, discuss it with a health professional during your pregnancy follow-up or when it is time for the sample to be taken.

If you choose not to have your baby screened, tell the nurse or midwife before the sample is taken. She will ask you to sign a form confirming that you have refused screening. For urine screening, when you send in the sample you are confirming that you want your baby to be screened.