Benefits of HPV vaccination

Vaccination has proven itself by reducing, even eradicating certain serious diseases. The case of the HPV vaccine is no exception.

  • The HPV vaccine prevents, in particular, precancerous cervical lesions as well as anal and genital warts (condyloma). This protection has been confirmed in countries where vaccination has been implemented for several years, such as Australia.
  • In men who are not infected at the time of vaccination by one or more HPVs, the vaccination is:
    • 90% effective in preventing anogenital warts
    • 79% effective in preventing precancerous and cancerous lesions on the genital organs and in the anus, mouth and throat.

However, the vaccine is less effective in men already infected at the moment of vaccination. HPV infection generally occurs during the early years of sexual activity. Ideally, men should therefore get vaccinated before having their first sexual relationships or shortly thereafter.

  • Recent data indicates that the vaccine may even be effective in preventing the reappearance of anal lesions in men already infected by one of the HPVs included in the vaccine.

The vaccine against HPV infections is safe and most symptoms experienced after vaccination are mild and of short duration.

Average number of cases per year of the diseases caused by HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18 (included in the vaccine) in Québec between 2004 and 2007

Diseases caused by HPV
Average number of cases in womenAverage number of cases in men

Cancers of the anus, penis, vulva, vagina and cervix

(vulva, vagina, cervix and anus)

(penis and anus)

Cancers of the mouth and throat