The compensation plan for victims of a Héma-Québec product has been in place since 2011. This plan provides compensation to any individual whose health has been seriously affected by a defective or contaminated product distributed by Héma-Québec, despite all safety measures established.

Among other things, Héma-Québec distributes blood products and human tissue. Héma-Québec will also soon distribute breast milk.


All products distributed by Héma-Québec are covered by the plan, with the exception of the following:

  • Products used for research purposes or for clinical trials, unless notice to the contrary is given by the Minister of Health and Social Services
  • Products developed from a human biological product excluded from the compensation plan by the Government of Québec. This exclusion also applies to products that could be added to Héma-Québec’s mandate and could potentially be manufactured from excluded human biological products. These, however, are yet to be determined