Businesses and stores have adopted measures in response to the health crisis according to the alert level in force. Information concerning the opening or closure of businesses varies by area of activity and the colour of the alert level in the region where they are situated.

Level 3–Moderate Alert (orange zone)

Economic activities are suspended in:

  • bars and discotheques;
  • casinos and gambling houses;
  • arcades and, with respect to indoor activities, thematic sites, amusement centres and parks, recreation centres, and water parks;
  • microbreweries and distilleries with respect to on-site food or beverage services;
  • youth hostels;
  • any indoor site other than private homes or the equivalent in the following cases:
    • indoor sites used to organize publicity or social events;
    • indoor sites used for bowling, to play darts, billiards, or other similar games.

Moreover, the following establishments are subject to opening restrictions This hyperlink will open in a new window.:

  • restaurants and dining areas in shopping centres;
  • establishments that offer recreation or sports activities that are not otherwise suspended;
  • room rental establishments;
  • spas and saunas;
  • cinemas and performing arts centres, including arts and cultural venues.

Moreover, restaurants, retail stores, personal and beauty care enterprises, and sites devoted to cultural, sports, outdoor, or recreational activities whose activities have not been suspended by an Order-in-Council or an Order adopted pursuant to section 123 of the Public Health Act (CQLR, chapter S-2.2) cannot admit the public between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., except in the case of drugstores or service stations.

Remote activities must be emphasized in all cases.

Special emergency measures

Given the recent change in the epidemiological situation, special emergency measures will apply in some regions.