To slow the spread of COVID-19, the following economic activities must cease in the regions and territories situated in Red zone (Maximum Alert)

  • restaurants and food courts in shopping centres and food stores, except for deliveries, take-outs or drive-through orders;
  • bars and discotheques;
  • microbreweries and distilleries, only for their services for consumption of food or beverages on the premises;
  • casinos and gaming houses;
  • museums, biodomes, planetariums, insectariums, botanical gardens, aquariums and zoos;
  • arcades, amusement centres and parks as well as water parks;
  • saunas and spas, except personal care provided therein;
  • libraries other than those in educational institutions, except lending desks;
  • movie theatres and rooms in which performing arts are presented, including venues where the arts are broadcast;
  • youth hostels;
  • fitness centres.

To find out about the levels of alert in force, please consult the Map of COVID-19 alert levels by region.

All economic sectors can maintain their activities in the regions and territories in green (Vigilance), yellow (Early Warning) or orange (Alert) zones.

Gradual return to office buildings by the employees of private-sector businesses

Private-sector employers whose employees were working at home can have up to a maximum of 25% of their staff return to work. It should be noted that the rate is a maximum, not an objective to be attained.

It is suggested that employees who directly offer services to customers or whose environments are not suited to teleworking return to work. Teleworking is encouraged in the case of activities that can be carried on remotely.

Companies that wish to have their employees return to the place of work must implement the recommended health measures, including observance of the 2-metre social distancing rule. Face covers are also mandatory in all common areas of office buildings.