Closure of non-priority commercial enterprises

Non-priority commercial enterprises must close from January 9 up to and including February 8, 2021. Commercial enterprises authorized to pursue their operations must offer only goods and services deemed to be essential.

Broadening of the eligibility criteria for business support measures

As of January 1, 2021, all businesses on this list of economic sectors covered by a closure order, including non-priority commercial enterprises, can benefit from the Assistance for Businesses in Regions on Maximum Alert section of the Concerted Temporary Action Program for Business and the Emergency Assistance Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses if they are situated in red, orange or yellow zones and comply with the eligibility criteria.

Economic sectors covered

The following economic activities must cease in regions and territories situated in red (Maximum Alert) zones:

  • restaurants and dining areas in shopping centres and food stores, except for delivery, takeout, or drive-through services;
  • bars and discotheques;
  • microbreweries and distilleries, solely with respect to their on-site food or beverage services;
  • casinos and gambling houses;
  • museums, biodomes, planetariums, insectariums, botanical gardens, aquariums, and zoos, except for outdoor activities in which the participants are moving, such as sports activities or walks;
  • arcades, and as regards their indoor activities thematic sites, amusement parks, amusement centres, recreation centres, and water parks;
  • saunas and spas, except for the personal care services that they provide;
  • libraries other than those operated by educational institutions, except for circulation desks;
  • cinemas and performing arts centres, including arts and cultural venues;
  • youth hostels;
  • physical training rooms;
  • any interior site other than a private home or the equivalent when it is used:
    • for the purposes of organizing a publicity or social event;
    • for bowling or to play darts or billiards, or other similar games;
  • businesses that offer recreational or sports activities organized in a public place (closed or restricted activities);
  • room rental enterprises (restricted activities);
  • retail stores covered by a closure order;
  • personal and beauty care enterprises;
  • businesses that offer pet grooming services.

Remote activities must be emphasized in all cases.