Tourist accommodations

Consult the policy of the collaborative accommodation platform in question. Most have agreed on support measures in relation to the current health crisis or provided for force majeure clauses.

Yes. The children in shared custody can accompany their parents.

In Level 3–Alert (orange) and Level 4–Maximum Alert (red) zones, receiving visitors who live at a different address is prohibited. Consequently, you cannot rent out a room in your main residence.

In Level 2–Early Warning (yellow) and Level 1–Vigilance (green) zones, you can rent out a room in your main residence while staying there, as the occupants of up to two private residences may be together in the same home.

In these particular cases, penal provisions are provided for under the Public Health Act (CQLR, chapter S-2.2). If public health guidelines are not followed, the police may issue a ticket if the situation is denounced to them.