No, you do not need a code for the app to work.

You will only need a code if you receive a positive COVID-19 test result and are called by the public health authorities. In such a case, you will need to dial the number that appears in the app to obtain a one-time code.

Yes. The fact that you are not receiving any notifications means that the app has not detected anyone who received a positive COVID-19 test result with whom you were in contact for more than 15 minutes, within less than 2 meters, in the past 14 days.

No. Personal information and location data are never recorded or shared with other users of this app. It is not possible to make a connection with the individuals concerned. Your identity will remain confidential.

You have 24 hours to enter the one-time key in the app. After that time period, the key will expire, and it will not be possible to request another.

The one-time key can send notifications to users for 14 days after being activated in your app. Each day, you must allow or refuse transmission of notifications to other users of the app.

No, the COVID Alert app does not transmit screening test results.

It is up to each person to declare themselves positive for COVID-19 by entering a one-time key into the app. The COVID-19 Alert app is not able to identify any person who is positive for COVID-19 without this key.

A person who has downloaded the app and who has taken a screening test may obtain a one-time key as soon as he or she receives a positive diagnosis and a call from the public health authorities.