Use of a COVID-19 exposure notification mobile application

From July 8 to August 2, 2020, a public consultation was held on the implementation of a mobile application to reduce the spread of COVID-19 This hyperlink will open in a new window..

16,456 people answered the survey available on the government public consultation platform.

The survey consisted of 15 questions designed to gauge participants’ interest in using such an application as well as their concerns.

Presentation of the results of the public consultation

1. Did the general presentation of the mobile application allow you to understand how it works?

2. Do you believe that a mobile application that would enable you to be informed and to inform other people of the risk of COVID-19 exposure would be useful?

3. Are you confident in the effectiveness of using such an application to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

4. What are your concerns regarding the use of such an application?

5. Do you think that you need such an application?

6. If such an application were offered in Québec today, how likely would you be to install it on your smartphone?

7. How likely would you be to recommend such an application to your family circle?

8. Would you be prepared to follow the instructions that the application displays, for example, dial a government telephone number to obtain tailor-made advice, if a notification on your smartphone informed you that you had been in contact with individuals who tested positive for COVID-19?

9. If a health professional informed you that you had tested positive for COVID-19, would you agree to notifying individuals who had contact with you, without your identity being revealed?

10. Who do you think should manage the allocation of unique codes necessary for the operation of the application?

11. Do you possess a smartphone?

12. How comfortable are you with technologies, especially to install an application on a smartphone?

13. Do you have any other comments?

5,029 comments had been made by participants. A sample of 1,500 comments was analyzed. Here are the most frequently discussed topics among these comments :

  • The attack on individual freedoms (28%)
  • Data protection (10%)
  • The additional protection provided by the application (8%)
  • The usefulness of the application (8%)
  • The reliability of the application (8%)

14. What is your age group?

15. In which administrative region do you live?