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How to use a mask or a face covering

1. Wash your hands before you put your face covering (homemade mask) or procedure mask on.

2. Put the mask or face covering over your nose and mouth, securing it behind your ears with the elastic loops (or ties).

3. Adjust your mask or face covering over your nose.

4. Now adjust it under your chin.

5. Wash your hands after you put your mask or face covering on.

6. Change your mask or face covering if it is wet, dirty or damaged.

7. Do not keep the mask or face covering around your neck or dangling from an ear. Keep it on your face and avoid touching it. If you touch your mask or face covering while you are wearing it, wash your hands.

8. To take the mask or face covering off, grasp only the elastic loops (or ties) without touching the front of the mask or face covering.

9. Fold the inner parts of the face covering together and place it in a clean bag. You may wash the face covering as soon as you get home, along with the rest of the laundry.


Face covering does not replace the following:

  • Hand washing
  • Physical distancing
  • Isolation at home if you are sick

To learn how to use your mask or face covering correctly, you can also consult the following capsule:

If you feel uncomfortable wearing your mask

If you feel uncomfortable when you wear a mask or face covering, start by putting it on for a short period of time at home while watching TV, for example. This way, you will get used to wearing it and will be able to judge if it is comfortable enough for your outings. You can also try different types of masks or face coverings. Choose one you are comfortable with. You can also talk to a doctor or pharmacist about it.

Last update: May 20, 2022


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