Since June 18, 2020, people with a disability or autism spectrum disorder who live in the following environments:

  • Intermediate and family-type resources
  • Ongoing assistance residences
  • Boarding schools and group homes
  • Other accommodation environments concerned
  • Rehabilitation environments

Are authorized to go out for the following reasons (subject to certain conditions and specific measures):

  • Attending school
  • Working in sectors authorized by the Gouvernement du Québec
  • Going outside in proximity to their quarters, commensurate with their condition (with or without supervision)
  • Temporary leave (with or without sleepover) in the family or any other environment listed in the treatment plan

If major home support services for the individual are required during temporary leave, the institution may refuse authorization for safety reasons.

Visits by family members and/or friends are maintained on condition that the visitor understands all associated risks and promises to abide by the recommended instructions from public health authorities and those that are determined by management.

In cases where leave, visits and/or outings cannot be authorized, other distance socialization solutions will be offered so as to maintain the connection between individuals and their families.

Resumption of internships and workplace daily activities in sectors that have been authorized by the Gouvernement du Québec is also permitted on a gradual basis and per the capacity of the health and social services facility and available resources.