Cinemas and drive-ins


Since September 1, 2021, people who would like to go to these establishments have to present their vaccination passport.  For information on all the places and activities included, see the Places and Activities requiring the COVID-19 Vaccination Passport page.

There are no more spectator or section limit in cinemas.

  • Spectators must remain seated at their seats.
  • Physical distancing is no longer required when people are seated.
  • Eating/drinking permitted.
  • Face coverings must be worn indoors at all times, but may be removed to eat or drink.

Admission must be through the issuance of entrance tickets.


Maximum 5,000 people by representation. The cars must be spaced so as to respect a distance of 1 m between the people laterally. Viewers must remain in their cars during the projection or performance.

Last update: October 29, 2021


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