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Starting from November 15, 2021, the obligation to provide assigned seating will end and dancing and standing will be permitted during events and performances. Masks are mandatory at all times, except when drinking and eating. Separate sections are no longer required and capacity limits have been lifted.

There are no longer any limits on audience size in performance venues, movie theatres, and sports venues, and the requirement for separate zones has been lifted. Attendees must remain in their own seat and are no longer required to distance. They must wear masks the entire time, except when drinking or eating.

Outdoor stadiums, amphitheatres, performance halls, and similar permanent venues that require a vaccination passport are not subject to audience limits. Attendees must remain in their own seat and are no longer required to distance.

Festivals and large outdoor events where attendees are standing, walking around, or sitting in unassigned seats are allowed, provided basic health requirements and other special requirements for the event are followed.

At outdoor events where attendees are standing or sitting in unassigned seats, the venue must be divided into separate sections each with a maximum of 500 people. There must be a minimum area of 2 m2 per person. Reservations are mandatory. Face coverings are recommended when moving around.

There are other rules for outdoor events where attendees are moving around.

For full details on the specific instructions for promoters for each type of event, see the Instructions for festival and event promoters page.

Last update: November 4, 2021


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