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Guidelines for the fall 2021 return to classes  

Physical distancing between students  

Physical distancing is not required between students in classrooms.

However, a 2-metre distance must be maintained in specific cases: in physical fitness centres and for some activities such as singing classes.

In common areas of educational institutions, a 1-metre distance must be maintained between students whenever possible.  

Extracurricular activities  

Extracurricular activities, including sports, will be permitted in all educational institutions. However, the vaccination passport may be required. For more information, consult the web page Places and activities requiring the COVID-19 Vaccination Passport.

Wearing of masks  

Students are required to wear a mask at all times, including when they are seated in class or in the library; however masks can be removed when the activity calls for it (e.g. when eating, playing certain musical instruments or during theatre performances). Students may also remove their masks during singing class, provided they remain 2 metres apart.  

Welcoming and integration activities 

Welcoming and integration activities are permitted. They must take place according to the guidelines issued by the public health authorities for events of this type (ceremonies, events or social activities, depending on the case).  

At institutions where the epidemiological risk is deemed to be greater, activities of this nature may not be held in person. 

Last update: November 9, 2021


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