List of higher education institutions reporting a COVID-19 outbreak

The information presented in this list is taken from the register of COVID‑19 outbreaks. This information is available on the Données sur les éclosions de COVID-19 au Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window. page, which is available in French only.

Definition of an outbreak

An institution is considered to be experiencing an outbreak when there are at least 2 confirmed cases of COVID‑19 in the same location during a period of no more than 14 days that cannot be explained by an epidemiological link outside of that location. Transmission from the first case to one or more other cases took place because everyone involved was present at the same institution of higher learning; transmission did not take place outside of the institution.

The interval between the first two cases is calculated between the last date the first case was present in the location and the date on which the symptoms of the second case started (or the testing date, if the second case is asymptomatic).

End of an outbreak

An outbreak has ended once 14 days have passed without new cases (in order of priority), after the last date the person with the last case related to the outbreak was present in the location or after the start date of symptoms or testing date if the case is asymptomatic.

Last update: November 23, 2021


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