Places and activities requiring the COVID-19 Vaccination Passport

Vaccine passports allow people age 13 and up who are adequately protected or who have an exemption to be admitted to certain locations and certain activities.

People younger than 13 may continue to visit locations covered by the vaccine passport rules when permitted.

A vaccine passport is not required for access to essential services like education (primary, secondary, post-secondary).

See the places and activities requiring the vaccination passport according to the sector of activity:

Students are exempt from the requirement to present their vaccination passport while on a school trip.

Please note that this list is meant to give people a better idea of which places and activities require a vaccination passport. Places and activities not specifically listed here may also require vaccination passport.

Health and social services

The vaccination passport is required in the following places:

  • Health and social services facilities (hospitals, CHSLDs, CLSCs, rehabilitation centres, etc.)
  • Intermediate resources
  • Family-type resources
  • Private seniors’ residences
  • Religious institution which maintains residential and long-term care facilities to receive its members or followers

The vaccination passport is not required for:

  • Anyone entering one of these places to receive health or social services
  • Anyone accompanying a child under age 18
  • Anyone accompanying someone delivering a baby
  • Anyone accompanying someone incapable of consenting to the care their state of health requires
  • Anyone accompanying someone who, for health or safety reasons, requires assistance that the facility cannot provide
  • Anyone visiting a loved one in end-of-life care
  • A parent or guardian of a child in a rehabilitation centre for troubled youth
  • Anyone awarded visiting rights by the Court of Québec
  • Teachers working in a rehabilitation centre for young persons with adjustment problems operated by a health and social services institution.

Physical, sports and recreation activities

Indoor, the vaccination passport is required for participants engaging in physical, sports and recreation activities.

Outdoor, the vaccination passport is required for participants engaging in organized sports, physical and recreation activities involving frequent or prolonged contact, including extracurricular activities:

  • Sports and recreational activities requiring the use of a chairlift or gondola (downhill skiing, sliding, etc.)
  • Team sports (baseball, basketball, crosse, dek hockey, flag football, football, rugby, soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, etc.)
  • Water-based sports and boats for two or more people (canoeing, kayaking, rowing, rafting, sailing, dragon boating, etc.)
  • Double’s racket sports (tennis, pickleball, etc.)
  • Combat sports (karate, boxing, judo, etc.)
  • Car rallies (two or more in the vehicle)
  • Lifesaving sport
  • Any other activities involving frequent or prolonged contact, including extracurricular activities

The vaccination passport is not required for participants engaging in the following sports and physical activities when carried out as part of:

  • Sport-études or Art-études programs
  • Sport concentration programs and other special school projects of the same nature
  • Sports or activities forming part of sports and recreation curriculums in college or university educational programs. Note: However, student athletes are required to present their vaccination passport in order to participate (alone or as part of a team) in competitions or tournaments, which take place indoors. The vaccination passport is not required for competitions or tournaments that take place outdoors, unless the activities involve frequent or prolonged contact or if it is a team sport.
  • Sports practised freely outdoors, including in facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and skating rinks

The vaccination passport is not required for anyone who offers support or a service to a person for the practice of a sports activity, but only while they are offering this support or this service.

Workers, volunteers, coaches and officials are exempt from the obligation of presenting their vaccination passport while on duty.

Outdoor events and festivals

The vaccination passport is required for the following activities:

  • Outdoor events and festivals such as:
    • Sporting event or show (play, concert, etc.) in outdoor stadiums
    • Musical or comedy shows on an outdoor stage
    • Agricultural fairs
    • Festivals or other types of celebrations
    • Walks, marathons, cycling circuits
    • Golf tournaments
    • Immersive or walking tours

Performance venues, movie theatres, sports venues

The vaccination passport is required for the following places:

  • Performance venues
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Auditoriums
  • Movie theatres
  • Any other type of hall or venue where performance arts, sporting events, or movies are presented

Bars and restaurants

The vaccination passport is required for the following places:

  • Bars and restaurants, including patios
  • Fast food restaurant dining rooms, including patios
  • Nightclubs
  • Microbreweries
  • Distilleries
  • Shopping mall food courts and food stores

The vaccination passport is not required for the following places:

  • Drive-through services
  • Takeout counters

Persons experiencing homelessness are exempt from the requirement to present a vaccination passport to access restaurant dining rooms and patios, as well as food courts in shopping malls and food stores.

Arcades, theme parks, amusement parks and centres, recreation centres, and water parks

The vaccination passport is required for the following places and activities:

  • Amusement parks and centres and recreation centres
  • Indoor skydiving
  • Amusement centres with trampolines
  • Paintball or laser tag
  • Go-karting
  • Amusement rides
  • Escape games
  • Amusement centres for kids (inflatable games, ball pools, etc.)
  • Historical or themed villages (e.g., Santa Claus village)
  • Bowling alleys, pool halls, and other locations with similar games
  • Zoos, zoological gardens, aquariums, and similar sites
  • Biodôme, planetariums, insectariums
  • Botanical gardens

The vaccination passport is not required for the following places:

  • Libraries
  • Museums


The vaccination passport is required for the following places and activities:

  • Casinos and gambling halls, including bingo
  • Tourist and recreational cruises (whale watching, dinner cruises, tourist excursions), excluding ferry services
  • Conventions and conferences
  • Assemblies, meetings, graduation, recognition, marriage, funeral or religious ceremonies with more than 250 people taking place inside or 500 people outside
  • National Assembly of Québec

In rented venues, the vaccination passport is necessary if the activity or event taking place there requires a vaccine passport, such as a convention or show or if the room is located in a place referred to as a restaurant, bar or casino.

The vaccination passport is necessary, however, for activities taking place in a location where a vaccination passport is required. It would be required for a wedding reception held in a restaurant, for example.

Last update: November 24, 2021


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