From making an appointment to getting the COVID-19 vaccine, here are the steps everyone must follow to get vaccinated.

Before you go the vaccination clinic

Make an appointment

  1. To make an appointment, go to the Qué web page and follow the steps to register.

Confirm your appointment

  1. 48 hours before your appointment, you will receive a text message or email asking you to confirm your appointment. If necessary, check your junk mail folder.

Arrive five minutes early

  1. Please do not arrive more than five minutes before your appointment time to avoid causing queues.

At the vaccination clinic

  1. Parking is free for people who go to the vaccination clinic.

In the vaccination clinic

When you arrive

  1. You will have to show your health insurance card or an identity card for identification, confirm that you belong to the target group and provide proof of residence. If you do not have a health insurance card, you can still get vaccinated. If a loved one is accompanying you during your appointment, they can stay with you throughout the vaccination process.
  2. A Clic Santé officer will confirm your presence and give you an appointment for the second dose.

Assessment before vaccination

  1. You will see an authorized professional who:
    • will check the vaccination form with you;
    • will make sure that you give free and informed consent;
    • will or will not authorize your vaccination.

At this point, you may have to wait a few minutes.


  1. You will be directed to the vaccination area where the vaccine will be administered by an authorized professional.

Monitoring after vaccination

  1. You will have to sit in the observation area for at least 15 minutes where you will be monitored by authorized professionals.

Proof of vaccination

  1. You will be given proof of vaccination and may leave the clinic.