The regional alert system with progressive intervention criteria defines additional measures to be taken as needed to ensure public safety in each of Québec’s socio-health regions.

To find out the alert level in your region, consult the Map of COVID-19 alert levels by region.

Government action in the coming months will be focussed on three priorities:

  • Limiting the health, social and economic impact of COVID‑19
  • Protecting the most vulnerable members of society
  • Avoiding healthcare system overload

If it becomes necessary to raise the level of intervention to slow the spread of the virus, the implemented measures will depend on the alert level. Four alert levels have been defined, as follows, with commensurate intervention:


The alert levels will be established on the basis of recommendations by public health authorities, who regularly review the situation, taking account of the following factors:

  • Epidemiological situation
  • Transmission control
  • Healthcare system capacity