Level 1–Vigilance requires constant attention amid the COVID 19 pandemic. This level corresponds to weak community spread and requires that all dictated basic measures are followed in all settings (physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, hand-washing, etc.). Other measures may also apply for specific activities and settings.

You are asked to avoid unnecessary social contact, for example: gatherings with family or friends, weddings, etc.

Strengthened basic measures in force

Private indoor or outdoor gatheringsMaximum 10 people
Activities organized in a public setting

Indoors: maximum 50 people (rented halls, festival events, marriages, workplace or school celebrations, etc.)

For places of worship, the maximum allowed is 250 people

Venues with a liquor permit: alcohol sales end at midnight, no drinking after 1 a.m. and all dancing prohibited

Outdoors: maximum 250 people

Demonstrations are still permitted, but wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory at all times

Public venue halls and audiences

Maximum 250 people

People must be seated, relatively immobile, little or no talking, staff supervision (concert halls, theatres, cinemas, etc.)
Bars, brasseries, taverns, casinos and restaurants

Maximum 10 patrons per table

Bars, brasseries, taverns and casinos at 50% permitted capacity, alcohol and food sales end at midnight, closing time 1 a.m. and mandatory customer name and contact list

Restaurants open
Inter-regional travelAuthorized
Other long-term applicable measures

Increased police intervention

Infraction reports and fines for non-compliance with face-covering directives