The Québec government is authorizing the reopening of all economic activity sectors, except regular vacation camps with accommodation.

Other businesses and enterprises that were subject to prohibitions can now resume their activities throughout Québec, including:

  • promoters of festivals and events of the same nature;
  • amusement parks;
  • water parks;
  • spas;
  • tourist accommodation establishments;
  • casinos and gambling houses;
  • service firms in respect of activities that cannot be carried out through teleworking.

Gradual return to office buildings by the employees of private-sector businesses

Private-sector employers whose employees were working at home can have up to a maximum of 25% of their staff return to work. It should be noted that the rate is a maximum, not an objective to be attained.

It is suggested that employees who directly offer services to customers or whose environments are not suited to teleworking return to work. Teleworking is encouraged in the case of activities that can be carried on remotely.

Companies that wish to have their employees return to the place of work must implement the recommended health measures, including observance of the 2-metre social distancing rule. Face covers are also mandatory in all common areas of office buildings.