Protection and prevention

There are no prevention treatments for lice. However, it is possible to limit or avoid the spread of them by identifying and promptly treating people with lice. If you or anyone in your family gets lice, immediately tell everyone with whom you have been in direct contact, including your children’s school or day-care staff. This way, others that may have caught lice are quickly identified and treated.


  • Attach long hair
  • Remind children to:
    • Avoid coming into head to head contact
    • Store their hats, caps or scarves in the sleeves of their coat
    • Not to share personal effects such as combs, brushes and hats
  • Regularly inspect the heads of everyone in your family with a nit comb:
    • At least once a week after washing hair, especially during back-to-school period
    • Daily if someone in the surrounding has lice
    • As soon as there is a case of itchy scalp