To consult a health and social services professional in primary care

To make an appointment

You can call your FMG This hyperlink will open in a new window. to make an appointment with your family doctor. Depending on your health and your needs, you can also make an appointment with another health and social services professional, for example a nurse or social worker.

Schedule a same-day or next-day consultation

If you need to see a doctor quickly, you can schedule a same-day or next-day consultation at a resource near you. Some FMGs offer this possibility. Super clinics are also specifically designed to meet this need. To find out more or to find one of these resources, consult the page Finding a Resource Offering Medical Consultation On The Same or Next Day This hyperlink will open in a new window..

You can contact Info-Santé 811 at any time if you have any questions or concerns about your health.

Vulnerable client groups

Some vulnerable client groups may access services outside their FMG’s opening hours. This service is offered to:

  • older adults with a significant loss of autonomy;
  • people who have a chronic disease that is associated with limitations.

If you belong to one of these client groups, you might be able to access this type of service if your doctor thinks it is necessary for your health. If so, your doctor will ask you for authorization to forward your name and health information to the Info-Santé 811 service. You will then be able to contact Info-Santé 811 to obtain personalized assistance as needed. You can also be referred to an available doctor if necessary.