The Program for the Specialized Management of Urinary Incontinence and the Management of Complications Associated with Suburethral Sling Placement improves support for women with urinary incontinence and patients who develop complications following suburethral sling placement for the treatment of urinary incontinence.

Under the Program, women who have complications and side effects following the placement of a suburethral sling, also called a vaginal sling, are managed at a designated centre. The centre’s team ensures that the interventions carried out to treat the complications are appropriate. Women are involved throughout the assessment and management process.

It should be noted that the organizational aspect of the management of urinary incontinence is not yet deployed in the centres, it constitutes a second phase in the implementation of the program.


All women in Québec who have complications associated with their suburethral sling.


If you have symptoms that you think are associated with your suburethral sling, see your family doctor, urologist or gynecologist. Depending on their recommendations, you may be referred to a secondary or reference centre. A referral form will be available shortly.

If you have undergone suburethral sling removal surgery, you may be eligible for the Program for radical suburethral sling removal surgery services provided outside Québec.