COVID‑19: Medical consultation during the pandemic

Regardless of your health need, if you have flu-like symptoms or gastroenteritis symptoms or similar to COVID‑19, call 418‑644‑4545, 450‑644‑4545, 514‑644‑4545, 819‑644‑4545 or 1‑877‑644‑4545 (toll free), to be referred to the right resource. If you do not have any of these symptoms and you have a health problem, you can consult even during the pandemic. Wearing a face covering is mandatory during a consultation. For more information, go to the page If you need a consultation during the COVID‑19 pandemic.

Winter clinics are set up from December to March in various resources in the health and social services network to treat flu or gastroenteritis symptoms, any other non-urgent health problems or to get psychosocial help.

These clinics offer additional medical consultations by adding operating hours and staff to their regular schedule, in particular in the evening and on the weekend. This allows them to meet the population’s increased consultation needs during the winter, a time of year that is conducive to the circulation of certain viruses.

These clinics offer increased medical services for the entire population, irrespective of whether or not people are registered with a family doctor or what their health condition is.

A winter clinic can be set up in any of the following resources:

  • a super clinic;
  • a family medicine group (FMG);
  • a university family medicine group (U-FMG);
  • a medical clinic;
  • a CLSC (local community services centre).

If you or a family member needs a medical consultation, visit Finding a Resource Offering Medical Consultation on the Same or Next Day This hyperlink will open in a new window..