The Small Claims Division at the Court of Québec hears applications where the amount in dispute is $15,000 or less (not including interest).

The claim may involve:

  • an amount of money you are owed;
  • damage to your person or property;
  • the resolution, resiliation or cancellation of a verbal or written contract.

In general, you are required to represent yourself, without assistance from a lawyer.

The clerk of the Court of Québec is the court official authorized to assist the parties.

To file your online application:

Access to the Online Application Form

Ineligible applications

The Small Claims Division cannot hear an application involving:

  • residential lease This hyperlink will open in a new window., which falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal administratif du logement;
  • a support payment, which falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Court;
  • an allegation of defamation;
  • a class action, which falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Court;
  • a proceeding filed by a person, partnership or association to which another person’s claim has been assigned;
  • a claim of of $15,000 that has been divided into several claims of less than $15,000 to make it eligible for the Small Claims Division.

Conditions for filing a small claims claim

As the applicant, you must comply with several conditions when filing a small claim.

Summary appeal respecting a fiscal matter

See the section on the subject for more information.

Dispute with a merchant
If you are in a dispute with a merchant, contact the Office de la protection du consommateur to find out if you can use its free on-line mediation service, PARLe: plateforme d’aide au règlement des litiges en ligne. (In French)

Last update: April 13, 2022


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