Québec City, April 13, 2022 /CNW/ - The most recent data on the evolution of COVID-19, in the last 24 hours, in Québec show:

  • 3,515 new cases, bringing the total number of people infected to 1,007,006*;
  • 13 new deaths, for a total of 14,592 deaths;
  • 12,764 health care workers absent for COVID-related reasons (preventive withdrawal, isolation, awaiting results, etc.);
  • 2,060** hospitalizations, for an increase of 122 compared to the previous day;
    • 224 new entries,
    • 102 new discharges;
  • 83** people in intensive care, for an increase of 16 compared to the previous day;
    • 25 new entries,
    • 9 new discharges;
  • 22,777 samples conducted on April 11;
  • 172,987 self-declared rapid tests so far, including 140,449 positive: 1,379 declared for yesterday, including 1,164 positive.

*Note that the number of cases listed is not representative of the situation since access to screening centres is restricted to priority clienteles.

**The MSSS recently updated its protocols for transmitting data on hospitalizations. As a result, a certain number of entries and discharges could not be counted in the daily data report. The situation will be restored in tomorrow's publication.


  • 40,073 doses administered are added, that is 38,839 doses in the last 24 hours and 1234 doses before April 12, for a total of 18,963,907 doses administered in Québec. Outside Québec, a total of 317,532 doses were administered, for a cumulative total of 19,281,439 doses received by Quebecers.

It should be noted that due to public holidays, the press release presenting the data will take a break starting April 15 to April 18 inclusively. It will be back on April 19, 2022. Citizens who want to have access to certain data can consult the open date website of the Gouvernement du Québec: https://www.donneesquebec.ca/recherche/fr/organization/msss

To follow the evolution of the data on a daily basis, consult the open data or the INSPQ website at https://www.donneesquebec.ca/recherche/fr/organization/msss or at https://www.inspq.qc.ca/covid-19/donnees. Note that certain data, especially the number of cases, deaths and doses administered, may be subject to daily readjustment for previous days, given that a catch-up is necessary due to a delay in data entry.

A reminder concerning public health instructions:

To limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, it is important to follow basic preventive measures such as hand washing, physical distancing, wearing a face covering and following the instructions in effect.

Remember that in the event of symptoms, it is always essential to isolate yourself and consult one of the self-care guides or call 1-877-644-4545 (or the telephone code corresponding to the region concerned) to find out the measures to be taken.

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