Workings of the Government

Governing a State means making decisions, implementing them and monitoring the results. It also means managing public funds for the well-being of every citizen.

In Québec, coordination of government action is carried out by committees composed of ministers. These ministerial committees harmonize and adjudge these decisions so that government strategies are implemented and built into ministries' action plans.

Two other instruments ensure the consistency of the government's decisional process:

  1. The Conseil du trésor, which ensures the fit between government priorities and the budgetary context;
  2. The Comité de législation, which studies draft legislation that the government intends tabling at the National Assembly and ensures that this legislation dovetails with the government's aims and objectives.

Furthermore, the Secrétariat général of the ministère du Conseil exécutif supports the Premier and Cabinet and liaises between them and the government committees, ministries and organizations.