Disbursement procedures

Following an analysis of your application, an advance covering up to 100% of the following expenses may be paid:

  • excess accommodation and food expenses such as hotels and restaurants;
  • damage to your essential movable property;
  • the temporary preventive measures that you adopted.

For other types of allowable expenses, such as moving, storage, and emergency work, an advance covering up to 85% of such expenses may be paid.

Upon receipt of the damage appraiser's report, you may be issued a partial or final payment for:

  • emergency work you have done yourself (e.g. pumping water, cleaning, etc.);
  • reconstruction and work on the structure;
  • the repair or replacement of damaged equipment.

Upon the submission and acceptance of the supporting documents and depending on the progress of the work, a partial or final payment may be made for:

  • emergency work performed by a company and temporary work;
  • moving or storage costs;
  • work on the essential access road;
  • specialized work and work on the structure;
  • damage mitigation measures.

If you have flood-proofed, moved, or demolished your residence, a partial or final payment may be made, depending on the progress of the work, upon receipt of the engineer’s certificate of compliance or the certificate of conformity of the municipality and the supporting documents.

At your request, the assistance granted can be paid jointly with a financial institution, an entrepreneur or a supplier.

Time limit for completing work

You must perform the work within 12 months of receipt of the notification from the Ministère de la Sécurité publique of the damage that is deemed eligible.

In the case of imminent flooding, erosion, or ground movement, this time limit begins on the date you indicated your choice between repairing your residence, receiving a departure allowance, relocating your residence, or stabilizing your land.

The time limit can be extended if you show that it was impossible to comply with it.