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Welcome to the First Steps section, which will guide your first experience with the interactive map presenting the fishing periods, limits and exceptions that apply to sport fishing in Québec.

You will learn the best way to use the map and its regulatory grid in order to obtain reliable information that will prevent you from getting in violation. You will also find the necessary explanations concerning the various tools that the interactive map and its grid of fishing periods, limits and exceptions make available to you.

Note: Some of the descriptions shown here may slightly differ from your navigation environment if you are using a mobile device to consult the interactive map.

Exceptional bodies of water

The term "exceptional body of water" refers to bodies of water where particular rules apply. This may include streams, rivers, lakes, river areas, etc.

On the map, bodies of water that are subject to regulatory exceptions are identified in dark blue. However, it must be known that the tributaries of these bodies of water are not necessarily all represented. Under these circumstances, it is always the legal descriptions that have the force of law. In the same way, the descriptions of exceptional bodies of water presented in the grid always prevail over their representation on the map.

Bodies of water that are not subject to regulatory exceptions, identified in light blue, are governed by the rules of the area in which they are located.
Using the map

The map provides information on the fishing periods, limits and exceptions applicable to a specific body of water. You can identify a body of water either by searching for its name in the search tool or by clicking on its location on the map.

Getting information using the map search tool

You can search for a body of water using the search tool located in the right top corner of the map.

CAUTION: The search field is sensitive to special characters and accents. For example, looking for lac Saint Henri will not give any results, while respecting its good spelling, by adding a hyphen, Saint-Henri, will display results.

A few seconds after launching the search, your search results appear in the left column of the map. Make sure the symbol appearing to the left of the word “Results” is gone before viewing the results. If it still appears, it means that the search is not complete.

Location markers locate all bodies of water with the desired name. If you do not see them on the map, simply switch to the “View of the entire province" view.

To identify the right body of water among the results, simply click on the one whose description seems to match your search or click on each of the results to view the marker associated with it on the map.

When the right body of water is located on the map, then proceed as described under "Getting information clicking on the map".

Getting information clicking on the map

On the map, click on the body of water for which you want information.

CAUTION: In order to ensure you get the right information, make sure you do not click on the islands of a body of water, otherwise you will get the rules of the zone only.

You will get in the results column (to the left of the map):
1. a button to consult the fishing periods, the limits and the exceptions of the zone and a button for the body of water, if it is covered by exceptions;
2. a link to view length limits, baits and the number of lines allowed for the zone;
3. the novelties that were made to the regulation of the zone at the beginning of the regulation period. This information is also available in the "Fishing in Québec" section of website;
4. the news of the zone, when regulatory changes were adopted during the season.

Consult the fishing periods, limits and exception of a zone or of an exceptional body of water

To open the regulatory grid for the selected zone or body of water and find all information about applicable fishing periods, limits and exceptions, click on the blue "View fishing periods, limits and exceptions" button located in the results column.

Filter the results

Refine or modify your search results with the filter above the table.

1. Select the fishing zone.

2. Check if the desired body of water is part of the Bodies of water - Regulatory Exceptions. If the body of water is not in the list, the rules of the zone apply.

3. Select the desired speciesas needed.

Access a point on the map using a coordinate in the grid

In the grid "Bodies of water - Regulatory exceptions" click on the available coordinates to open a modal window that will allow you to locate the body of water by clicking on the magnifying glass icon .

Map features

Useful links

The "Useful links" tab contains the links allowing you to quickly access the contents of the general regulation concerning sport fishing in Quebec for the regulation period mentioned in the section "Fishing in Quebec".


You can return to the Home tab at any time by clicking on the icon to the left of the map or at the bottom of the results column.


You can customize the layers visible on the map by going to the Layers tab.

To make it easier to see some specific information, it may also be useful to adjust the transparency of some layers. Sliders are provided for this purpose.
You can always access the "Layers" tab with the icon to the left of the map, or at the bottom of the left column.


Once you have accessed the Layers tab, click the "Legend" button to get all the information displayed on the map. The information displayed depends on the zoom level of the map. The more you enlarge the map, the more detailed the information will be.

View of the entire province

Return to the full view of the province by clicking on the icon to the left of the map.


Print the current view of the map by clicking on the icon to the left of the map.


You can enlarge or shrink the map by clicking "+" and "-" on the left of the map


Geotag yourself by clicking on the icon to the left of the map.



Use the preconfigured bookmarks to quickly access the desired area. You will have to click on the zone again to display information about it.

You can create your own bookmarks by positioning yourself at the desired location and selecting "Create a bookmark" at the end of the drop-down list of preconfigured bookmarks.

Satellite view

You can change the default view of the map by choosing the satellite view. You can easily switch between the different types of display by clicking on the icon at the top right of the map.

Using the fishing periods, limits and exceptions grid

The use of the interactive map provides the regulatory information that applies to the bodies of water where you wish to fish. This information is presented in the form of a regulatory grid.

The regulatory grid shows at all times the periods when each species can be fished, catch limits and links to complementary information pages (length limits, baits, number of lines, etc.). Where applicable, the grid shows the restrictions on equipment (gear) and fishing methods as well as any other restrictions to be respected.

In the page containing the grid, a link titled "Consult the general fishing rules", is available just under the page title to give you access to the other sport fishing rules not mentioned in the regulatory grid.

Note that if a body of water is not mentioned in the regulatory grid or in the drop-down list of the "Bodies of water - exception" filter, it means that the body of water does not contain any exceptions, thus that the rules of the zone apply.

Finally, note that the mention "other species" found in the regulatory grid includes species that are not mentioned in an enumeration. This mention varies from case to case. Therefore, when a species of fish subject to the regulations in force is not named, then the rules of "other species" apply to it.