Indoor and outdoor sports and leisure activities that are carried out individually or in groups as well as all other outdoor activities are now permitted to resume regular operations. Team sports games may also resume, provided that they respect the public health authority guidelines, especially with regard to non-essential travel and the gathering of spectators.

Combat activities in certain sports remain prohibited until further notice. However, training activities in these sports may resume, provided that they respect the current physical distancing rules.

All indoor sports and leisure facilities as well as all outdoor public spaces (e.g. outdoor public or private pools, workout equipment open to the public and play structures in public parks, including splash pads) are permitted to reopen.

The health instructions to follow (PDF 512 Kb) (available in French only) as well as the public health authority guidelines concerning the resumption of indoor and outdoor physical and sports activities must also be respected at all times. Those responsible for a swimming pool or other artificial pool must ensure the quality of the bathing water.

Health measures

Health measures (PDF 512 Kb) (in French only) and public heath authority guidelines must be respected at all times during outdoor physical, sports and leisure activities.

Owners and managers of facilities and organizations responsible for organizing activities will be implementing hygiene and protective measures in order to comply with the parameters set by the public health authorities.

Sports federations and provincial organizations will develop guidelines for their members regarding the resumption of activities.

Sports federations and provincial recreational and outdoor activity organizations have worked in collaboration with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur in order to develop guidelines tailored to their respective fields and disciplines. 

Site managers may limit the number of clients admitted, or even close a site, to ensure compliance with the recommendations issued by public health authorities. In addition, the CNESST has produced the Occupational Health and Safety Standards Guide for the Leisure, Sports and Outdoor Recreation Sector – COVID-19 This hyperlink will open in a new window. to ensure the safety of employees working in facilities that are permitted to open.