Sports and leisure activities are undoubtedly beneficial to a person’s physical and mental health.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, safety measures must be implemented to protect public health when people engage in physical and sports activities.

Always follow physical distancing rules

Individuals must stay 2 metres away from each other, regardless of whether they are carrying out activities indoors or outdoors. As a result, it must be possible to engage in sports activities and still stay 2 metres away from someone who does not live under the same roof as them.

Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette

  • Promote hand hygiene measures by providing the necessary materials (e.g. running water, soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, touchless trash cans, disposable towels or paper).
  • Promote respiratory etiquette This hyperlink will open in a new window.
    • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, using a single-use paper tissue or the crook of your arm, and then wash your hands.
    • Immediately throw the paper tissue into the garbage.
    • Use touchless trash cans.
    • Avoid touching your mouth or eyes with your hands.

Follow self-isolation guidelines when applicable

  • People who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or who have tested positive must self-isolate. They must not take part in indoor or outdoor sports and leisure activities in a public place.
  • People who are deemed to be close contacts of a person with COVID-19 must follow the applicable self-isolation guidelines. They must not take part in indoor or outdoor sports and leisure activities in a public place.

Sports equipment

  • Given that it is difficult to avoid touching your face with your hands, especially during sports activities, it is recommended that shared objects or equipment be disinfected before each person uses them.
  • As much as possible, each participant should also use their own equipment (for example, use your own golf balls, have each tennis player use a different ball).
  • The use of community play structures is not recommended, because it is difficult to ensure that surfaces are regularly disinfected and that users wash their hands regularly.

Swimming pool water

  • Disinfectants used to treat the water in public swimming pools are capable of inactivating coronaviruses. Risks primarily concern proximity to infected individuals or contaminated surfaces. The 2-metre physical distancing rule continues to apply (except in emergency life-saving situations).
  • Regular health and safety practices This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only) for public pools and spas must continue to be followed rigorously.
    • Ensure proper basic hygiene (e.g. handwashing).
    • Ensure users shower with soap for at least one minute before entering the pool.
    • Ensure proper maintenance of facilities (regular cleaning of surfaces, appropriate concentration of disinfectants in pools as set out in the Regulation respecting water quality in swimming pools and other artificial pools).