How to register your game

If you kill an animal that must be declared (white-tailed deer, moose, black bear or wild turkey), you must register it within 48 hours of your departure from the hunting site.

You must register your game before going to the butcher shop.

How to register your game

You can now choose from two options to register your game:

1. Go in person to a registration station

In-person registration through a government delegate is still possible if you prefer this option, if you do not have Internet access or if you need to register a white-tailed deer harvested on Anticosti Island. The usual registration fee must be paid, since it is a service provided by a business.

At the registration station, you must:

  • declare the type of weapon and, where applicable, the calibre of the firearm used, along with the registration plate number of the vehicle used to transport the carcass;
  • present the animal in accordance with the instructions shown in the section on the transportation rules specific to each species;
  • present the licences from which the additional transportation coupons were taken and attached to the animal;
  • pay the $7.82 fee (for the service provided by the business).

See the list of open registration stations (in French only).

2. Complete the online form

Online registration allows you to register your game without having to travel. This government service is free of charge for the 2023 hunting season. If the online registration service is unavailable or experiencing issues, you will have to register the animal at the station to ensure the animal is registered within 48 hours after leaving your hunting grounds. Read the list of stations and plan for an alternative in case of problems.

Required information

To register your game online, you will need to provide the following information:

  • the hunter’s certificate number;
  • the hunting licence number;
  • a valid email address;
  • the type of game;
  • the weapon and calibre used;
  • the time and location at which the animal was killed;
  • the licence plate number of the vehicle used to transport the animal.

Additional information may be required in some situations. For example, when registering a moose, you must provide the licence number and the date of birth of the person or people accompanying you. For a deer harvested under an antlerless deer licence shared with an immediate family member, you must also provide the antlerless deer licence number.

After registration

Once the form is completed, a summary of your registration and a confirmation number will be generated. Note this confirmation number and keep it on your smartphone or write it on the back of your licence. It could be checked by a wildlife protection officer, and it could be requested by the butcher to whom you entrust your game.

After registration, you must ensure that the transportation coupons remain attached to the animal until it is cut up or placed in storage or, in the case of a black bear, that the coupons remain attached to the pelt until it is cured. 

Special conditions apply if you hunt  antlerless deer or if you hunt deer as part of a group in a wildlife reserve, outfitter with exclusive rights or certain ZECs, or if you share your licence to hunt female moose in a wildlife reserve.

Important reminders

Registration is compulsory for some species. The information at registration is essential for accurate assessment of population status and helps to ensure optimal use and long-term survival of the species concerned.

If requested by an officer

If you have killed a big game animal or wild turkey, you must, if asked by a wildlife protection officer, immediately allow him or her to register the kill.

Spread of chronic wasting disease of cervids (CWD) 

Special measures are in force in some sectors of the Laurentides, Outaouais and Montérégie regions to avoid spreading chronic wasting disease of cervids (CWD).

Hunters who harvest a white-tailed deer within a 45 km radius of the farm at which CWD was discovered in 2018 (PDF 2.92 Mb) must register it at a designated registration station inside that radius. Online registration is not permitted for deer harvested in this area

Hunters who harvest a white-tailed deer or a moose over 12 months of age inside that radius must have their game analyzed

Restrictions apply to the transportation of some anatomical parts of white-tailed deer and moose.

Proof of registration required for export

To export big game or part of it, including fur, outside Québec, transportation coupons and proof of registration are used as authorization.

Witness poaching

The government reminds you that the legislation and regulations applicable to hunting, fishing and trapping activities remain in force at all times.

If you witness poaching or any other action that is against the rules applicable to wildlife or its habitats, please report it to a wildlife protection officer by contacting SOS Poaching – Wildlife Emergency.

Contact SOS Poaching – Wildlife Emergency

Regulatory Information

Last update: March 27, 2024


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