Specific rules apply to vehicles used during hunting.

You cannot:

  • Hunt down, injure or deliberately kill an animal using a vehicle, an aircraft or a motorboat.
  • Hunt migratory birds using an aircraft, sailboat or motorboat, car or vehicle pulled by an animal. You may hunt migratory birds from a motorboat only when the motor is stopped and the boat has ceased to move. However, you may use a motorboat to look for a dead or injured migratory bird.
  • Be in or on any motorized land vehicle whatsoever, or an aircraft or a trailer pulled by a vehicle and:
    • Be in possession, at any time, of an armed crossbow or a firearm containing an unfired cartridge placed in the chamber, the loader or the magazine when the latter is attached to the firearm or, in the case of a muzzle-loading firearm, containing powder and a bullet in the chamber, and a detonator in the shaft, or powder in the pan.
    • Shoot with a firearm, a crossbow or a bow from such a vehicle, aircraft or trailer.
    • Be in possession, at night, of an unloaded firearm, a bow or an unloaded crossbow, except if it is stored in a closed case or placed in the trunk of the vehicle or the hold of the aircraft.

You must also comply with the provisions of the Federal Firearms Act This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Safe transportation of crossbows

To ensure safety during transportation, the string of the crossbow must never be connected to the firing mechanism, even if there is no bolt in the groove.

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