Sharing an adult female moose hunting licence

If you obtain a licence to hunt adult female moose in a wildlife reserve through a random draw, you can create a group of up to 8 hunters to share it. You must then agree to a commitment that will allow a hunter from the group to use the special licence in the wildlife reserve concerned.

The holder of an adult female moose hunting licence can decide whether or not he or she will share the licence with the other group members, when the group arrives in the territory.

General notice

Possible hunting licence shares

Wondering who you can share your hunting licence with? See our summary table (PDF 601 Kb) for a quick answer.

Process and conditions to meet

To use this measure, you must meet the following conditions.

Fill in and submit a commitment form

When your group of hunters enters the wildlife reserve, it must give the reception officer a copy of the completed commitment form (PDF 79 Kb). This document identifies members of the group who use the adult female moose hunting licence of another hunter.

The form includes:

  • the name of the licence holder and the numbers of the holder’s regular moose hunting licence and adult female moose hunting licence,
  • the subject of the commitment and its duration,
  • the name of the wildlife reserve,
  • the date of commitment, and
  • the names and signatures of the hunters who can use this adult female moose hunting licence, and the numbers of their moose hunting licences.

Respect the duration of the commitment

The duration of the commitment cannot exceed the duration of your group’s stay in the wildlife reserve. All hunters registered on the commitment form and with a valid hunting licence may, for the specified period, use the adult female moose hunting licence in the wildlife reserve concerned. They may remain there as long as the holder is present and until a female adult moose is killed by one of them.

Respect the licence’s expiration

An adult female moose hunting licence expires as soon as an adult female moose is killed. The hunter who killed it must immediately attach his or her own transportation coupon to the carcass. In the circle provided, the hunter must punch the licence obtained by random draw under which the female moose was killed. He or she must also ensure that additional transportation coupons are affixed.

If one of the group members kills an antlered moose or a calf instead of a female moose, the other people in the group can continue the activity. The licence remains valid for the duration of the authorization. The licence holder must be present and the group must have the right to kill more than one moose.

Registering your game

When the kill is registered, the hunter who killed the adult female moose must present his or her regular licence along with the adult female moose hunting licence under which the animal was killed.

Your group members are responsible for complying with the limit on the number of animals that the group can kill. To avoid multiple kills, hunt close together so that you can communicate with each other.

Regulatory Information

Last update: March 19, 2024


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